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Declined Website

If your website has been declined by our system, then please read below for some of the reasons why this may be the case.

We ONLY accept quality* UK websites onto our system - NO EXCEPTIONS

*Quality is defined by us as 'Would we link our own website to this website?'

  • Your website is not UK based.
  • Your website offers little or no value for a link exchange
  • We do not promote or permit websites which incite hate, pornography or pharmacy onto our system and we reserve the right to decline any website for any reason.
  • Your links page must be within two clicks of your index page
  • We have defined your website as a link farm or adsense website

If you are in doubt whether your website will be accepted, the best way is to add it and see!

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Are you looking for high quality UK websites to exchange links with? So were we, which is why we have created the B-LINK - UK Link Exchange Directory so you can manage all your reciprocal linking in the one place. Create Your Account now, its FREE!

Quality NOT Quantity

We believe in quality and not quantity when searching for websites to change links with. Too many link farms, adsesnse and low value websites, we only allow UK websites which will add value as a link exchange.

UK Link Directory

We only allow UK websites to join our UK link directory. This is to ensure link exchanges are between UK websites with related themes

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