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Link Exchange FAQs

Please read through a few Q and A's which should answer most of your questions,
if not, please feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to help.

What is B-Link Link Exchange Directory?

We are a website whereby web designers and website owners or SEO professionals can search to find relevant link partners for the websites they wish to promote. We have a great few features which will make it worth your while at least trying out what B-Link can offer, its Free and you can create your account here.

Who can join B-Link Link Exchange?

Anyone can as long as you have a UK website to exchange links with. We accept all humans and won't mind if the odd alien tries to join either!

Why should I use B-Link and Exchange Links?

B-Link provides you with details of other websites who would be happy to exchange links with you and help the promotion of both your websites.

Why do websites have to be approved?

All websites will need to be approved by Admin. This is to allow us to check each website that they are UK based and have good quality content to be of benefit for a link exchange.

My website has been declined, what can I do?

First off, do not take any offence if we decline your website. We only accept quality websites for link exchanges. We base this on the premise of 'Would we link our own website to this' and if so, we will authorise the website.

The most popular reason that your website has been declined is that it is either not UK based or is of little or no value to exchange links with. Don't take offence but if your website is, shall we say, crap, then it won't be approved on our system. A few more reasons why we may have delcined your website.

Why does it take so long to approve websites?

Its takes a while as we always visit each website before approving. An email will be sent once a website has been approved.

What Type of Websites are Allowed to be added?

We allow all legal UK websites apart form adult, pharm link farms, adsense, cookie cutters and one page websites. These are deemed as no value to our member base. Occasionally we will allow gambling/casino websites as long as they have good quality content. Some affiliate websites may also be declined if they are deemed as thin websites with little content.

How do I get the best out of the B-Link Directory?

Full details and help guides are in your members control panel, these will guide you through the process of adding your websites, creating your anchor links/descriptions and how to apply and exchange links with other webmasters.

Does my website need to have PageRank to be approved.

Nah, A quality website will always be of interest for a link exchange regardless of its page rank or alexa ranking

Do I need a Website to Join?

Err it would help, otherwise why on earth would you spend your time sourcing link exchanges!!

What If, I think my website should be added and is declined?

I guess anyone would be a bit miffed to be told their website is not up to standard, but we have high standards that a website has to reach to be eligible and if a website does not meet these, IT WILL NOT be added, period. You might off spent hours and hours creating your website, but that is not our fault!

What is a featured website?

A featured website is one which have been upgraded to unlock a few extra options to make it easier to manage your link exchanges. We added this option to add a few pennies for us in running costs of the website. By making your website 'featured' you get more exposure for your website for linking purposes. Your are under no obligation to make your website 'featured' and we won't push you towards it either!

Do I have to accept a link exchange request?

No, of course not, its your website and you decide whether to want to exchange links. If you do not want to exchange links, just hit the delete button to remove the link request.

I can't remember my password?

Now thats a surprise, you will be surprised how many forget! Just use the forgot password section and you will be emailed details on how to change it. Email address MUST be the one that you used to create the account.

More FAQ's we will be added when we think of them or get asked more questions.

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